Tuesday, November 10, 2009


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The wait is over. Today is the Day I drop the Chasing Dreams EP.

I started this process with just trying to get in touch with Carlton Mackey, take a few pictures, and hook up my myspace page. That's it. My mind was very limited at the time. I had one song at the time, Pavement Dreams. I didn't even know this world of bloggers even existed.
In four months, though my life has really changed for the best. It has all happened really fast, and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon.

I went from one song, to making a video, to opening up for a True and Real Hip Hop group(Shout out to Collective Efforts), to blogging, to meeting special people like you all -people who have not only inspired me to chase my dreams but helped me believe in my self.

My Confidence was not and my music was not on this level four months ago. Thank you so much for believing, listening, and following me as WE Chase our Dreams TOGETHER.

Today I'm not just dropping any old album. This is my life. These are my feelings -my thoughts. I cried making this album; I prayed writing these lyrics. I feel like through the process of making this album, I found myself...who I really am. I believe it will reflect, and you will hear it in my music.

I'm So Grateful. I like to thank all of my blog followers and ones who came to my blog and made comments. To Carlton Mackey who has believed in me since day one and took time out to do every thing he has done. I thank God for him because without him I would probably still be struggling as a artist rhyming about designer jeans and Air Jordans. LOL. So thank you my Brother. I want to thank God for blessing me with this gift of translating my feelings, my life, my dreams into words people can appreciate. And keeping me alive and sane to see this day. Everything happens for a reason.

I am Joshua Watkins. I am Chasing My Dreams. I Make Music To Help You Chase Yours.



  1. Well, I think you caught a dream and made it real.

  2. im most def gona have to download that. I thank u gona b like the next big thing

  3. hayyyy! so proud Josh!!!!!!!!!! you and Carlton are doing it big or shall I say MAJOR!CONGRATS keep it up! I'm going to keep reading and waiten.

  4. can't stop reading your blogs!!!

  5. Dude i'm going to give this a listen tonight and then post it on my blogsite.
    @ www.steamboatrd.blogspot.com
    Best of luck to you and always work hard and play hard