Monday, March 29, 2010


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Man I am so honored to say that I went to my second concert of all time. It was Kid Cudi!!! He performed at Emory University and I had all access thanks to my best friends Carlton and Kari Mackey, and also John Roberson. I enjoyed every bit of it. It was special because Kid Cudi is one of my favorite Artists. I have been following his career since I first saw him in the December 07 Complex magazine. He is an artist that inspires me so that made it that much more special. All I could do was just see me as him up on the stage. Before he came out people were yelling CUDI!!! CUDI!!! CUDI!!. It was amazing!! I just thought, "What if that was me and people were yelling my name up there JOSHUA!!!! JOSHUA!!! JOSHUA!!!!"

I am not good with remembering other artist lyrics but I knew all of his. It was cool because Carlton was right there screaming his lyrics with me. People wonder what is the big deal about Hip Hop and it doesn't make any sense. Kid Cudi to me is more than Hip Hop...he is MUSIC!!!! For someone to make a song and have the whole world singing it and can pull emotion out of you is amazing. I will always remember that night. " A Night To Remember"

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