Friday, April 1, 2011



Ok so I had a wild day yesterday. I had the choice to either see Wiz Khalifa or up and coming rapper from Compton, California Kendrick Lamar. I have been following Wiz Khalifa for a year now and was excited to know he was going to be at Emory and I was going to be able to see him. But I did not know he would be in Atlanta the same day Kendrick Lamar would be here and I had already purchased tickets. So I went to see Kendrick. I have been following Kendrick Lamar for two years now and let me tell you he did not disappoint. He came out wit his Fiery Flow and witty word play. The energy in the building was amazing for an up and coming artist. Everyone knew the words. He went through songs like The Heart Pt.2, to Ignorance is Bliss, She Needs Me, Cut You Off and one of my favorites MICHAEL JORDAN. Now for older and young listeners Kendrick does have a potty mouth but he is very socially aware speaks on topics such as Poverty, Gang Violence, Drugs, and being a Vanity Slave. As i watched him control the crowd it just inspired me to keep working on my craft and to better my live performance. I pray one day that I am on someone's stage and the next day somebody is blogging about me. To all those who have dreams and are chasing them including myself; DO NOT NEVER GIVE UP!!!! GREAT WORK Kendrick and keep it coming. Enjoy the pics from the show!!!

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  1. that's what's up man. Great post. Well written. I feel you on the dilemma. From the sounds of it, you made the right choice. April 15?