Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dreams Money Can Buy

I been a wreck, since the bib been around my neck/
My young actions kept my Father highly upset/
But pops i promise that we on now/
No emotions for these ghetto erosions/
So many unfulfilled promises, with lackluster hoping/
I had this DREAM that I was kicking it with Aubrey/
Just talking about the world, over a cup of brewed coffee/
He told me with this MONEY comes tons of problems/
I said that's crazy cuz im broke and got tons of problems/
He laughed a little; kicked me the quickest riddle/
Called over a couple of ladies; they sat and watched Malcom in the Middle/
The conversation was to an minimal/
He spoke about dumb women which was subliminal/
I thought it was Genius/
He said yo Josh do the best you CAN!!!!!/
Cause no one pays attention when your an ordinary man/
And once they feel you then they love you/
It's like you learn to fly/
and get put in a position so anything you can BUY..............Even freedom!!!!

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