Monday, August 24, 2009

Approaching Wednesday...

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All this week I have been a nervous wreck. Why? because I am opening up for a Hip Hop group by the name of Collective Efforts on Wednesday August 26th at Emory University. Even when I think about it right now I get extreme butterflies. Two days this week I have had to run to the bathroom, not to vomit, but like my man Pac said I had to "Shed so many tears" that's how much my anxiety level has been. All this week I have been practicing my lyrics, doing good then messing up then doing good again. My biggest fear is not forgetting a word or messing up. But standing there stuck in front of 700 to 800 people. To some it's just another Wednesday, it is hump day, for some hoping that September approaches fast. For me though this is Paramount, it's not just another day. It's a day that will define me as an artist. Dud or a Stud. I have supreme confidence in my self so I am praying that the lord be with me and I 'am a Stud instead of a Dud. People dream of performing in front of a crowd of this stature someday and I am doing it. I will still be a nervous wreck until the first song drops and I start rapping. I thank the Lord for this opportunity and and everyone that made this possible. We definitely Major!!!. Till Next Time

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  1. Wow! Hi there! Hope things went as you expected and better, & thanks again for writing and following my page. And remember good things comes for those who wait, so it seems you waited enough and this is your time. I barely know you, but I have you in my thoughts and my prayers, cause I can tell you have a good heart and you deserve good things, like all good people do. God bless you Joshua & always Good Luck!