Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday Finito

gotta thank god
The day of the show started at 1 o'clock in the morning. I was on the phone with my good friend Keturah as I was telling her that I was mad nervous about the show and how I really didn't want to mess up. I was so worried and full of anxiety, every time I thought of performing in front of 1300 people my heart pounded like an 808 drum. She reminded me of when I was there for her in her time of need and told her just to be easy and do her thing because she was by far the most qualified. When she said that I felt an certain ease through my body. After work I headed home to get ready for the show; washing clothes and getting my rhymes together. When I got to Emory University my body was at ease I met up with Carlton Mackey and hung out and kicked it with one of the guys from Collective Efforts "J MIL". He had like this spacey laid back demeanor like he was a cat straight out of Star Wars. You know the type you just vibe with. We talked about music and movies two of my favorite things. I felt at ease, I was at ease. I met Bambu who was a very cool cat. And then I met Ben Hameen who put me on the show with along Carlton Mackey. We clicked immediately one the coolest cats I ever met. All these cats are down to earth. I stated to recite my rhymes and was forgetting lines right before it was time to go on. When it was time for me to go on Carlton introduced me and I couldn't ask for a better hype man. When I got the mic I was so nervous like what the hell is going on. I performed a song by the name of "I'm So G" At first I was flawless not messing up then my second verse approached and by the end of verse I was messing up so bad. But the performance was good. Second was " Nickel for my thoughts" I did really well on the song I messed up a little but unless you really was paying attention you couldn't tell. But I thought the performance was ok but that's me I beat myself over the head a lot. After the show it was love like my bruh would say we hung around and I thanked everyone for everything. It just felt good being back at Emory, the atmosphere of that school is amazing it's not an HBCU but it has a lot of diversity there different races and cultures and it's in Atlanta what else can you ask for. TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY. Even though I messed up after I finished I didn't want to leave the area I wanted to keep performing. I'm looking forward to more performances. And I'm glad I faced my fears. This last month has been crazy in a good way. I'm Chasing my dreams yall, if you want to follow your heart and chase your dreams do it, it's worth it. Till next time.
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time to go home
time to go home...great show

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  1. Yo' Joshua, sounds like you got up on stage and killed it. I give you much props for getting in front of a crowd of so many and giving it all you had. Wish I could have seen the whole performance, sounds like it was a good time. From the looks of it, you got a lot of passion coming from within and a strong support group around you. That is a necessary combination to be successful on any of life's many stages. Hang in there and keep following wherever the road may lead. I look forward to reading more about future shows. Stay up.