Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What an Experience

A couple of weeks back I had a chance to be featured in another Vision Philms Production with an artist by the name of "Eka". He is a young poet, his words are keen, his passion is fiery, he is one of a kind. I made a cameo in the film and had the opportunity to get a glimpse in the mind of Carlton Mackey who is a genius when at work. This time it wasn't all about me, it was another artist he was working with. Up and down Little Five Points in Atlanta,Georgia we were dashing through the streets speaking to people we didn't know just hitting the pavement. When it came to my part in the film I was nervous but not scared...I was having fun. I felt like this is what I am supposed to be doing working and collaborating with other artist, making beautiful things happen. That day was God Given. Everyday is, but that one was special. "Eka" is a great young man. As we drove through the streets of Atlanta on the back of Carlton's truck me and Eka were talking about everything like Music, the Economy, The Hood and also the slums of India. We had much in common but the one topic that stands out is Malcolm X. We spoke on him and he loves Malcolm like I love Malcolm. He asked me what did I get from Malcolm's book and I said his diversity. Malcolm X was diverse, he could be in any hood in america and could talk to his people on their level and then he could get on national television and speak to black and white people and articulate his message to anyone. And I told him that's what I wanna do as an artist. I'm striving to be like my peers Carlton Mackey and Eka everyday. I am striving to be like my heroes Malcolm X, Tupac Shakur, and My FATHER. I have a long way to go but I believe I will get their. I'm praying for more experiences like this in my lifetime. Till next Time.........

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