Thursday, September 24, 2009


On September 11 I saw my best friend Corey Gresham aka "Nicademus" at South Dekalb Mall in Atlanta,Georgia . We spoke or a little bit and he told me that he started making beats again and he wanted me to listen to one. I said cool.
He played a snippet of an unfinished beat, but what I heard was remarkable. I told him as soon as he finished the beat to send it to me. On the 16th of September he sent me the beat. I knew I had a beauty on my hands and knew I had put something great to it. So that Friday, which was the 18th, I spent all day writing and recording the song. I sent it to my good friend Carlton Mackey of Vision Philms, who once he heard it flipped out and called me raving about the song and said he was going to make a video for it.

The song is Titled "THE REBEL" I think I may have written some the best rhymes to this beat for this song. I still have more songs to go, but this song to me and anybody who loves music or great rhymes in Hip Hop should love this song... and maybe think twice about their Top 10 Emcees especially if you break the lines down bar for bar. Thank you all for the support and I hope you all enjoy!!!


  1. I stand by this designation until proven otherwise: Joshua is the Best New Unsigned Hip Hop Artist Out...PERIOD

  2. Terrific.
    I doubt you will be, `Joshua, the unsigned' for long.

  3. Your friends beat is great and your song the letters are strong and great! I can't wait to see you signed and your CD out in the market, cause you are great!!!


    Thank Joshua you for your comments on my site and sorry I didn't answered before. I am so glad hear things went great with your concert. I wish I was there. Anyhow my book is out already so check it out at the link to purchase my book is:

    Thank you! Its a small quick to read beautifull book. Hope you like it.

  4. hello Joshua...glad to meet you !.... great project .. I put you in my favorite blog! love Silvia

  5. Great Video...i loved the lyrics, visuals and creativity.