Thursday, March 18, 2010



You all have seen the cover image for DEFINITION OF FRESH from the photo shoot by International Photographer Loni Shick. Now I present to the world "The Making and Behind the Scenes Video of DEFINITION OF FRESH by Carlton Mackey of Vision Philms.

You get the inside scoop to both my and Loni's thoughts as we reflect on the day of the photo shoot and collaborating with each other. Be prepared to see FRESH in a brand new way defined like no other.

...and as I said several posts ago, your support means so much to me. After you enjoy the video, be sure to download the EXCLUSIVE track DEFINITION OF FRESH (DOF) for FREE!
<a href="">DEFINITION OF FRESH by Joshua</a>

See the Full Gallery of Images from the Definition of Fresh photo shoot on the website of International Female Hip Hop Photographer Loni Schick on her Website. Be sure to check out her blog - CUPCAKES AND MIXTAPES - to hear her reflections of the day.

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