Friday, September 17, 2010

Show Me Social Justice Festival

So I know it has been a while but it is again for good reason!!!! As many know I am involved with the film 17 Degrees Ain't Nothing. The Film was accepted into the SHOW ME SOCIAL JUSTICE FESTIVAL , located in Warrensburg, Missouri. Carlton Mackey who wasn't able to attend the festival presented the Opportunity to represent the film for him and Dane Danerson. Of Course I accepted and was highly excited. Alongside with me was Christopher Rhodes Jr. When we arrived to Warrensburg we were greeted by Bruce Greer who worked with the festival. It was hospitality to the fullest!!! Everyone was so nice. That Friday night we got ready to attend the Red Carpet Event. We met great people one being Dee Wallace. She is known for playing Mary the mother in the film E.T. It was a pleasure meeting her along side with Amy Mack, Todd Drezner , Matt Leonard, Ky Dickens We met great people on the trip and I am blessed to have been apart of something great. I pray that I have more opportunities to be involved in projects that advocates change and provokes the mind to open up and think and not be closed minded. Enjoy the pictures and believe we have more great things around the corner!!!!!!!

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