Monday, July 19, 2010

Honored and Humbled

Man it's been a minute but for good reason. On the 14th of July I attended another screening of the film 17 Degrees Ain't Nothing.

Where do i began? I will say that this was one of the most eye opening events I have ever been to. Some say when it rains it pours!! Well the people poured in. Face after Face. Person after Person. The Center of Ethics was packed to the Max!!!! I mean it got HOT in the building. It reminded me of a movie premiering for the first time at Plaza Theater.

Carlton Mackey and Dane Jefferson were amazing!!! I was shocked and humbled by the turnout and the whole experience. Carlton called everyone who was involved in the film to come up and he introduced everyone and we spoke. When Tanya Anderson pressed play, everyone was glued to the screen!!! After the film people was inspired, motivated, and moved to do more and fight this cause. It brought tears to a lot of people eyes. The Q&A afterward was amazing, people were very intrigued by the film and asked some great questions. I am very proud and Honored to be apart of something so meaningful. I pray we can take care of this Epidemic of Homelessness some day. One Love to Pops, Jesse, Gino, Red and New York. You guys are in our Prayers!!!!

To learn more about this film and find out how you can get involved CLICK HERE.


  1. im so happy everything is going in ur favor keep it up and keep posting lol