Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fresh Out the Box

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As you can see we just got our physical copies of the album "I HOPE YOU LOVE ME". This is a beautiful moment for me and my whole team and everyone who supports me. We are still sending 10 AUTOGRAPHED COPIES of the album to the next 10 people who becomes a fan on my Joshua Watkins fan page on facebook!!!!! For this process to go easier, send me your mailing address to my email so we can get you these Hot cakes ASAP!!! lol.

Also I want to give a couple of beautiful shout outs. Shout out to "I HOPE YOU LOVE ME" is on their website. If you don't have the album make sure you hurry over to there site and download!!! Quickly!!! Also Much love to the Mackey's; Carlton, Kari, and Isaiah!!!! Isaiah has just turned ONE MONTH and I am so glad and honored to be apart of this family!!!! And from the bottom of my heart thank you to everyone who has and who supports me!!!! I really do thank you!!!!! Every comment and every "Like" on Facebook I get is meaningful to me and that is no HYPE I mean it!!!! Thank You!!!

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