Thursday, February 3, 2011

Introducing: POETA!!!!!

Besides My Music one thing I am really passionate about is POETRY I will give to you Poetry through out the week. Some will be Imaginative full of Drama and Some will be simple and full of Love. I share this with you all because my blog is very personal and I consider you all very close to me.


Today I am whoever
I close my eyes and I become anything.
A man with money perhaps.
I am dressed in a Italian suit my shoes feel like i am walking on a soft cloud.
" Is this me" I say loud.
Women eyes shine like rubies in a treasure chest once found, my cologne is seductively profound.
As I walk I notice the whole world like i have never seen before/
Full of Hope, but please let me enjoy this Vanity/
It feels good to be noticed/
People stare at me as if they want me to acknowledge them/
Should i make there day/
Because there making mine/
Every word I speak is sweet/
Every move i make is neat/
This is Awesome!!!!/
Remember me in this one moment/
As i am now, as i seem/
You Can Be Anything/
Accomplish Anything/

1 comment:

  1. >>I have not forgotten you my friend;
    I stop by
    once in a while
    and you always surprise me
    with your so meaningful poetry
    so sweet, hopeful, and kind.