Friday, January 21, 2011

NOH8 No Way!

NOH8/Red Bull
Man what a great day I had yesterday. I hung out with some of the greatest people on Earth. I thank God I was able to lend a hand volunteering at the No H8 Campaign that went on this Sunday at the W Hotel in Atlanta. It was amazing!!! Atlanta showed up and showed out. I helped out My Brother and Mentor, My partner in crime Carlton Mackey. I was taking pictures, I also was the Camera man at the event. For those that don't know what the No H8 program is then i will start of with introducing you to Josh Noblitt. Josh Noblitt i can say is a friend of mine that I met through Carlton Mackey. Josh Noblitt and Trent Williams was involved in a Hate crime at piedmont park in Atlanta. As a minister of social justice, Josh is committed to to working to bring about healing as well as restoring justice across the social landscape. Josh approached Carlton Mackey, and Nikki Noto of V-Day Atlanta about joining him in his efforts Adam Bouska and the NOH8 Campaign to Atlanta. I feel blessed to be know these individuals and to have been apart of yesterdays event on the day before Martin Luther King Jr Day. Man look this world would be so cool if people stopped hating on each other. Just think about it and do your best not to HATE and show much LOVE I mean that. We need each other that's why in my music i don't put that crap in there. We need each other. I need ya'll. Enjoy the pictures and the footage from the event. Enjoy!!!

Adam Bouska photographs Cynthia Bailey of Real Housewives of Atlanta
Carlton Mackey, Josh Noblitt, and Nikki Noto shot by Adam Bouska

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