Thursday, May 5, 2011


You Know it's Funny When It Rains it pours/
They Got Money For Wars but can't feed the Poor/
Wish I had a pair of wings to take off and soar/
Im steady Pacing, waiting for opportunity to knock at my door/
Can't go to school, cause i don't really learn that much/
Teachers don't wanna teach cause they don't really make that much/
And they asked me what do i aspire to be?/
I say man i'll be happy to make it out of my teens/
In this country where we really have plenty/
My friends clown on me, because im real skinny/
But only if they knew my condition/
So Broke im affected with malnutrition/
and they wonder why we crazy/
i blame my parents; they never kept me active so im so lazy/
See my school is a fashion show/
See we wasn't Nurtured right; so it's no way we can grow/
I hope somebody in this world feel my pain/
I pray the forecast brings a brother BLACK RAIN/
(To Wash Me AWAY)

Poem Written By: Joshua Watkins (First two lines by Tupac Shakur)
Canvas Painting by: Philippe Derome (Harmony)

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