Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good Ole Days!!!

As the due dat for child to enter the world gets closer and closer i think of my life and the younger days. I get very emotional thinking about when me and my brother played or fought (which we still do lol) but i cant believe i am twenty five, married with a child on the way!!! I am very blessed and excited about my next twenty five years and more. This song that you can listen to while watching these pictures is by an artist out of Los Angeles name Dom Kennedy. The song is about a young lady but the feel and sound has an old school flavor to it. Like chilling at a barbeque or something. I pray you all enjoy the pics of myself and my family.


  1. Love this post. Brought tears (happy tears)...
    I love the pictures, brings wonderful thoughts of our future with the baby :] , I wonder if he going to have similar pictures lol - Bell

  2. all day! hahahaha! this is awesome. thanks for sharing these moments with us. Pops looks the exact same. You up there on clown mode. Your little one is going to be the exact same. Congratulations on everything man!