Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Future Is Now

You Know this month has went by so fast, and so much has went on. Me and Carlton Mackey made the video for Pavement Dreams and posted it on you tube with no promotion. And everyone has either really liked it or loved it. I consider myself to be an artist and what I have seen is people enjoy Art. It's not all about Money, Cars, Jewelry, and Women. Most people want to see and hear things that they can relate to. People want to be inspired, motivated, loved, and a part of something. I may not have money or the flyest clothes or even a car but I do have a Life which keeps me Inspired, Motivated, Loved, and I am apart of Life. I feel good. The comments on YouTube have been so great and inspiring it makes me feel that I have a place in this world and what me and Carlton are doing is not in vain. Also In the process this month of creating this blog we created a Myspace page also. Those who are familiar with Myspace can see with in two and a half weeks we are at 290 views and counting about a 100 plays of the song Pavement Dreams 486 Friends and on youtube 373 views with Fifteen amazing comments. We plan on dropping a new song once I make 500 friends on myspace. I am so excited. I am excited for people to hear my music and excited to be apart of something. I guess as I start to progress as a Young man and a Artist that I will find out what that something is. Me and Carlton have this little thing when we get really excited about something, or when we accomplish something, or when an opportunity comes along that is beneficial we say WE MAJOR!!!!!!!. That is how I am feeling every day. How about you?


  1. thats whats good about you, you have your head set for great things which equals success!

  2. I'm feelin yo movement bruh
    check me out
    C.O.O.L Musik
    promotin change and unity in music

    I am, yours sincerly,
    The Poet

  3. "I consider myself to be an artist and what I have seen is people enjoy Art. It's not all about Money, Cars, Jewelry, and Women"
    -real talk.
    It also can be used as a power to bring people together...but I'm positive you know this from what I've read. I often wish music was completely free though...cause there would only be the people who enjoy creating music rather than the ones who are only out there for the money. Alot less garbage would be on the radio also.
    My fault, didn't even mean to black, just coasting thru.
    Keep it up my dude. Peace and respect.