Thursday, September 10, 2009


You know as we created Pavement Dreams I never thought that it would do what it is doing now...You know all the positive feed back and positive reception that came with the song. And it still continues so after a month and some change, I have been looking forward to presenting this new song to the world. It's entitled "Nickel For My Thoughts" this is also another Natural Disaster Production, I pray that Nickel For My Thoughts shows the diversity of me as an Artist. I hope it opens many doors and opportunities for me to continue to get my music to the world so they can enjoy it. This is only the beginning of Great music to come. THIS AINT A GAME THIS IS LIFE.

Listen to Nickel For My Thoughts Exclusively on my myspace page:

Thank you for all the love and support!

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  1. Yo' Joshua, I like the song and the video. The beat and lyrics flow well with one another. Keep your head up and stay at it. I look forward to hearing more.