Monday, September 21, 2009

Getting Connected

You know Pavement Dreams has been our Foundation. In a sense, when we dropped Pavement Dreams it opened so many doors in a small amount of time. Carlton Mackey who is a whiz with the computer was able to get in contact with a CEO of a entertainment network by the name of "A3 Network". Carlton presented him with the Pavement Dreams video and two weeks later they responded and loved the video and told him the would feature our video on their Music site. In a couple of hours we had like 56 views and some comments and we had 360 views in two or three days right now were sitting at 437 views in one week where the you tube Pavement Dreams has been up for one month and it has 538 views with 15 comments. I'm so Grateful for this, many people are seeing our Foundation. I'm so happy, soon the world will see our movement, a movement of ART, a movement of TRUTH, and CREATIVITY. Getting Connected is a vital part of progression in any thing you do.

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